Everyone has their own vocabulary, some fancier than others, but we all own IT. See, I have lived to learn that words are celebrated not because of the mouth that spits them, but because of the accelerated magic of the tongue that is hazardously beautiful.

See, I like to believe that speaking is a rare rock kind of skill which has elevated legends who had absolutely no ‘elements’ of ever being rich, or famous for that matter.

My question is though, Can a person lose their mind for being honest? Is curiousity really different from inquisitivity? Is it the type of language a person uses that determines the value of a statement, or question even? Are the words even considered?

Who Cares? Aint nobody got time for tha!!We are suffocated by the preoccupation within us. The beauty of words, the vitality of sound and the prominence of talking.

Honey, we listen to the order of consecutive terms and titles. The beautiful pronounciations that affects even the shape of the entire face. The smart and sexy tone that comes with the weight of every word. The dangerous and poisonous degree of space between each sound. The volume and distance that are a perfect companion to each letter.

This is a tongue-borne ability that searches and wanders. It is not lost, it is looking. It is a skill which is found in every corner of  all circles and no, not everyone can digest it. It refuses to dwell in place that it does not recognize for it knows where it belongs.

Its a place called home and each and every mouth can be shelter to that skill only if it is willing.


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