Their Only Way Out Is the Way In.

Finding the perfect start to a story has always been one of my many challenges but at least I’m telling this one in the third eye, I mean third person lol.

Having grown up with a hyper imagination and mentality that always somehow seemed to have a lot of things figured out, this is one of the experiences that taught me something. Relationships form and shape in anyway these days and yes Ed Sheeran said that people fall in love in mysterious ways but this story has no other to outrun it.

When they started, it was immediate physical attraction. No assumptions, it was only for the night but the attraction never showed any signs of drought, they functioned. It felt like the night belonged to them, he held her close, said he wouldn’t let go. She was driven crazy but his touch. And his smile? Shit, she didn’t care about anything else. They had absolutely no clue what they were doing, just had this miscellaneous vague connection, all drawing back to the unbelievable physical attraction. This was a ‘lust-feeling’ pleasure which was incomparable. The guy is experienced and the girl is finding her feet in this game of the brave. He called her babe and yeah she slipped almost immediately. They continued with their breathless moments of enjoyment and wild behaviour with no attachments to them. So beautiful. So reckless and so satisfactory. She felt like she had everything, she was happy with her bit of fun.

Now what do we call things that are way longer than one-night stands? Where there is a line between intimacy and sexual intercourse? Yes, it had no strings to it but why were they having conversations about childhood experiences now? About dreams and insecurities? About goals and regrets? Why was the mind fuck so intense? They learned so much from each other, he seemed to enjoy fucking with her brain, she loved it. She blew his mind, amazed him, he changed the way she saw some things. They listened to the same music and did the same drugs, it is just so beautiful. But why did they get so comfortable in each other’s silence? Why did he make her laugh like that?

I think it’s because he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He is just so perfect, so sweet, pure in her eyes, A BREATH OF FRESH AIR she called it when trying to figure out why she couldn’t stop thinking about him. He fell into a trap. She fell into an entrapment. The feeling of entrapment grew as they spent more time together. Every second night, the scenes were fiery and all sorts of erotic, nasty I tell you. She found herself reliving the moments the next day, swirling into a wave of giggles and blushes when thinking about him and his humour and how effortless it is. The way they would talk about politics, about music, personal encounters, about religion, and current affairs (lol gossip) and even about the Ghadamn weather. They are both opinionated which is good and bad at the same time.

I honestly don’t think he knew that laughter is her best trait. He didn’t know that she had a gift, laughter, her favourite emotional experience. Her favourite reaction to his amazing humour. He played with it so well. He giggled and won her. He has the most comforting laughter ever and I don’t think he understood how complementary and how perfect of a blend their humours are. He just does it so well. Their acquaintance looked and technically was a fling, but to them it felt like much more, it felt like a relationship. Neither of them could explain when and how it got that way so they just decided to make it just that, a relationship. They decided to flow, she decided to go with it because this guy knew how to make her glow. He figured out that she uses laughter to keep healthy, that laughter to her is up there with her nutritious diet and exercise, and he used it expertly, admirably, he used it magically.

It had been a long time since they were both in fixed relationships and stepping into one in such an unexpected way with shaky feet just like toddlers all over again, trembling and landing in and out of direction with this relationship thing. She has a thing for him, he has a thing for her. Not knowing whether to be affectionate, how and how much, they are taking it as it comes. They care about each other, why else would they walk into something so big in such a relaxed yet certain way. Trying very hard to make each other happy when at the same time trying to figure themselves out and understand whether this relationship thing is working or not. Taking every day as it goes but living at the mercy of each other’s appreciation. The lovemaking got magical and so did the confusion on whether they are going right about this whole thing or not. He thought she was beautiful. The physical attraction grew so huge, it formed emotional attraction. Their moods interchangeably affected each other. He loved examining her body, whether with his eyes or hands, he just did it, and so well. She thought he was God-Sent because she had honestly never met anyone of that breed.

What they have is magical. It’s insane. I just hope they get up if they fall. I hope their resilience game is as powerful as when he smashes from behind. I hope they grow strong, very strong. I hope they go in and out and in again of all the paths of affection. I hope they fall completely in love with each other, and treasure what they have. I hope they enjoy the shit out of what they have for each other, because it is so beautiful. They just must get in, that’s the only way they will get out…


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