This is a sepedi idiom that translates: If you think about the rhino then you must climb a tree. It simply reflects that sometimes you tend to think about things and to your surprise, they happen after a short period of time.

It was on Saturday afternoon when I introduced a brand new post about the prominence of the skill that accompanies speaking. There was nothing but a random thought behind the post and this is where the idiom introduces itself. On the same day, Julius Malema, the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters made his speech as the party celebrated its 2nd year anniversary.

The speech was broad-casted on SABC 2, one of South Africa’s leading channels and of course I was watching enthusiastically, not politically. I am not going to lie and say I did not expect half of the words said, but trust me, I was awed.

The EFF was one of the dominating opposing parties, second or perhaps almost equal to the Democratic Alliance, in the 2013 national elections where the African National Congress remained triumphant. Considering the fact that it had just been founded in a few month before the elections, the EFF did extremely well in recruiting and winning the publics’ votes.

How was that possible? Well I was only 11 years when I saw Mr Malema on television and if my memory serves me well, it was not quite a peaceful moment. Mr Malema, still the President of the ANC Youth League then, was involved in a controversial argument, or let me call it a tongue-lashing, with a white journalist at a press conference. Julius Malema decided to kick him out of the room because he was asking ‘uncomfortable’ questions and saying ‘insulting’ statements. But arent journalists entitled to the freedom of speech too?

Anyway, what I remember very well was when he asked security to remove the ‘thing’ out of the room. Malema undressed the man racially, intellectually, physically and professionally. That was what I called complete humiliation then, and the term has not been altered as yet.

The public was well aware of his behaviour, different foods for different appetites, South Africans decided to interpret and decide on it as it suited their likes. Then again, old habits die hard indeed and the zebra never loses its stripes, Malema is still Malema.

He spits and lashes as he wishes, one of the reasons why he was suspended from the ANC Youth League Presidency. Could this be the reason he gets his votes? Because according to me the EFF has not done much to feed Africans. His presence is always mounted my thousands and thousands of supporters, and trust me, even if he is not around, the Economic Freedom Fighters make their opinion heard.

Now like  I said in my last post, the use of words is choice and nobody will force you to mold your lip as you let a sound out.

Personally, I think that it is because of the increasing decrease in the value of the accuracy and honesty of the ANC to the public. People have been pulled to and fro rumors and facts of corruption, negligence, nepotism and promise-breaking. The ANC has an exceptional gift of going out of this world with needed promises and never keeping them, especially when it comes to the villages. The income gap will forever widen and this is a break in point of promise-making for all other political parties hungry for power.

Julius Malema has a tongue of rusted gold which has been honed to perfection. The dirt in it lurks by just a flicker of a glimpse and the sight permanently resides in ones mental voice.

The world needs to accomodate the skill of speaking.

I am Karabo Kgaphola!



Everyone has their own vocabulary, some fancier than others, but we all own IT. See, I have lived to learn that words are celebrated not because of the mouth that spits them, but because of the accelerated magic of the tongue that is hazardously beautiful.

See, I like to believe that speaking is a rare rock kind of skill which has elevated legends who had absolutely no ‘elements’ of ever being rich, or famous for that matter.

My question is though, Can a person lose their mind for being honest? Is curiousity really different from inquisitivity? Is it the type of language a person uses that determines the value of a statement, or question even? Are the words even considered?

Who Cares? Aint nobody got time for tha!!We are suffocated by the preoccupation within us. The beauty of words, the vitality of sound and the prominence of talking.

Honey, we listen to the order of consecutive terms and titles. The beautiful pronounciations that affects even the shape of the entire face. The smart and sexy tone that comes with the weight of every word. The dangerous and poisonous degree of space between each sound. The volume and distance that are a perfect companion to each letter.

This is a tongue-borne ability that searches and wanders. It is not lost, it is looking. It is a skill which is found in every corner of  all circles and no, not everyone can digest it. It refuses to dwell in place that it does not recognize for it knows where it belongs.

Its a place called home and each and every mouth can be shelter to that skill only if it is willing.


This is much more like calling a doctor to tell them about the new disease you have just discovered on yourself by yourself.

Just today I was looking at yet another ‘declined letter’ from a University I had applied to earlier this year and to my surprise, it was no longer a motivation to study harder at all. See, the first few letters always consoled and comforted me because they concluded with ‘your application will be reassessed when the final Grade 12 results become available’.

But what does that really mean huh? Karabo we are totally sorry to inform you that your marks are way below our minimum requirements and well there are millions and billions of your counterparts who performed way better than you and have already been provisionally accepted. You need to work your butt off and still there is really no way we will accommodate you because well it will be kind of full then don’t you think?

It is really difficult for a student from a public school who is not encouraged at all. Seeing your fellow counterparts travel in buses, cars and taxis to schools in towns and they come back twanging and twirling their tongues and talking about things you do not even dream about experiencing. This is not by mentality or laziness that we go through this, it is due to continuing pass rates which are sky high, our friends’ flashy badges and uniforms when we do not even own much, and the nasty attitude that shelters within each and every public student. We have got it all figured out, yes us, the minor, intellectually inferior black kids from schools that will never produce 100% pass rates, or a mere 7 distinctions from one of the learners.

We have rooted within us the indoctrination which is the most dangerous leading factor to our failure. We have tattooed on our hearts the destructive tendencies that come with our circumstances and decided to focus on them solely, because well, they are all we see when we look inside.

Mathematics and Science, the Key to being someone in this world, are the most feared and honored subjects any learner could ever succumb to. In my school, the science students are the ‘clever’ ones who bring out the worst results each and every year. As a commerce student tackling Mathematics, my love for Economics and wish to become an Economist made me realize that dreams are nothing without facts.

I knew that I am bad at mathematics, probably the worst in my class, but I AM also the best at Economics, Hell I speak Economic Science. Macro, Micro, Pursuits and Contemporary Economic Issues, ask me anything…

And I am not even adequate at Mathematics, the General subject needed to conquer my quest and come out triumphant. Contradictory? Ironic? Call it whatever you want, my dreams are fading and I am hopelessly gazing…

My Name Is Karabo Kgaphola.

Atticus and Me


Emily C. Heath

I read “To Kill a Mockingbird” the summer between 8th and 9th grade. It was a hot, Southern summer and my mom and I went into a bookstore to look for some indoor reading. She bought me the book, and I took it home and devoured it.

I was transformed, both in a moral and literary sense. I would never forget the idea that standing up for the right thing, even when you know you are going to lose, is noble.  And, in no small part due to that book, I became an English major. (I had entered college as a pre-law student, but once I realized that I couldn’t be Atticus Finch, I gave that up.) Even today, when I’m asked to list my favorite novels, Harper Lee’s book is on the shortlist.

We even have a cat named “Atticus”.

So when I heard about “Go Set a Watchman”…

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Now, as we listen to a person talk about how they want to ripen as fruits and sharpen as blades, we often tend to reflect or observe as to whether or not they are heading into a possible direction.

As human as we are, not knowing who the judge of impossibility is, and having no clue of any rule against negativity, we tend to take conclusions into our own hands and furthermore, based on experience or prejudice, judge a persons path.

Women have proven to be the most underestimated dreamers the world has ever introduced. Why? Well this matter has on its branches many fruits, and they are as variable as can get. When a woman starts talking about owning a manufacturing company that will be worth billions and trillions of rands, well, we all hush and giggle and joke around much as we want because its all in her gloomy dreamy silly female head right?

Ambition is being a go getter. Stepping on people”s toes and being brutally unapologetic about it because honey you had to, i mean, you are on your way up and cannot wait for people who take their time to remove their legs from your path. its hustling and being proud, acting up on your goal because you know its more than just a dream.

So, the next time you decide to take a person’s ” pep talk” lightly, first define “unrealistic” and then get back to me.

Hello. I AM MOHUBE KARABO KGAPHOLA and this is my very first formal direct blog, nice to meet you.

The first

Having this as a first formal blog from myself, you can only just imagine how crazy it was having to decide on what to write about.

See, young as I am, I have to listen and then worry about blogging something because perhaps maybe its a little out of my depth? Sorry, but sincerely thinking, I am young enough to do anything, and might as well be young enough to say anything dont you think?

They often say that age aint nothing but a number, but I think its all about knowing yourself and being comfortable in your own little nest of life. Nothing more. Stay content with your curves and edges, your flaws and imperfections, then, only then, will you be able to look at your own matters and stop finding reasons to limit the abilities of ‘teenagers’.

Hello… I am Mohube Karabo Kgaphola.

Happy blogging!